A Crystal Clean Interior, Inc.

Residential, Commercial & Marine

                                            (561) 627-4968

  • 24 Hour Water Removal
  • Professional Cleaning of all Stain Resistant and non- Stain Resistant Carpeting
  • Carpet Repairs and Re-stretching - Pad Replacement
  • Tapestries, Silk or Wool
  • Oriental Rugs (Fringe hand washed)
  • Custom Furniture Cleaning
  • Outdoor Patio Furniture Cleaning
  • Fabric Protection for Carpet or Furniture
  • Expert Cleaning of Custom Furniture, such as Leather, Silk Suede, Satin, Velvet and Cotton
  • Drying and Restoration (Damaged Pad Replaced)
  • Tile and Hardwood Floor Refinishing
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing


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